Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alphabet Match and more...

With a pre-schooler at home, I am always searching for a fun way to introduce him new things and most important, learn while having fun! Pinterest is a great source for ideas and I found this fun way to teach my little one recognize upper and lower case letters. I had all the materials and was ready to start, until I realized that the letter foam I had was too big for my little bottle tops so I had to use my second plan... or better, come up with one.

So, I printed the lower case letters on cardstock and the upper case letters on a full sheet of label. If you don't have a full sheet label, I am sure you can just print these on a plain paper and glue to the tops.

With a 1 1/2 inch circle punch, cut each upper case letter.

And glued each letter into the bottle tops.

He had lots of fun with it. It is still a little hard for him to find the letters to match, but with a little help from Mama, he did great job! 

Then I made some cards with pictures. For now, as he is just starting I picked three letter words. We had a blast with them, and I was so surprised how fast he learns.

Then we tried to make some words without the picture cards.

And I asked him to try to put the letters in order.

I can see lots of different games we can do with these... As he gets older and learn more words, we can try to see how many words he can form with one set of alphabet, or what is the longest word he can form. The use of these are endless. I'll probably will collect more bottle tops and make more letters to spell longer words, or words that uses the same letter, like bee. 

This was an awesome project and I was really happy how it turned out. Best of all, the cost to make them is minimal and love the idea of reusing the bottle tops. And the most important, my son loved it and he loves it more knowing that Mommy made it for him. He is so special...

If you have any ideas of how to use these letters, or would like to share more ways to teach the little ones, use our comment box below!

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