Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ice Cream Letter Match - with a free download!

  Lately, I have been working letters and handwriting with my son. He is pretty good with the upper case, however having difficulty with the lower case. To make learning easy and more fun, I went to Pinterest in search of some inspiration.

   Found this: ABC Scoops and thought it was a great idea! I went to google the images, but came back empty handed, so had to make one myself. It took a while, since I am not a pro in making illustrations, and I liked how it came out. Son loved the surprise and was eager to find the matches! 

   Would you like to make one for your child? Click here for a free download of the Ice Cream Match! I printed mine on card stock and I think it would last longer if I had a laminator, but for now this will do it.

   Also, I will be adding a velcro dots so the scoop can actually stick to the cone, as son was a little disappointed he couldn't pick the whole ice cream!


   Do you have any fun ideas on how to teach the alphabet? Please use the comment below to share them with us!!

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