Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Super Easy Preschool Activities Using Paint Chips


I love to have some Paint Chips on hand. Every time I go to my local home improvement store, I make sure to grab some. They come in so many colors and have tons of uses that I always have them around. You can't go wrong with something so versatile like these paint chips and best of all, they are free! 

So here are my list of 5 Super Easy Preschool Activities Using Paint Chips:

1- Paint Chip Color Match

Ok, so this is not a new idea, you can find it everywhere. It's great for fine motor skills and you learn color as well. All you need to make these are paint chips, clothes pin and glue. We use with the cookie tray and my son came up sorting all the colors pins first and attaching them to the cookie sheet and then matching them with the paint chip. He can sit and do this over and over, until his fingers get tired.

2- Color Shades sorting

This was another easy set up. Found this idea on Pinterest as well. I cut the paint chips then glued magnet on the back. Printed the sheet with the color name on top so he can just sort them accordingly. He loved this so much that he asked me to make more colors, so we have a few different sheets with tons of different colors.

3- Cutting "Tickets"

This is the easiest and his favorite activity. He call them "tickets". All you need is paint chips and a child safe scissors. I really like the paint chips for this activity because it is thicker and harder to cut than regular paper, so it's a great fine motor skills activity. This keep him really busy for a long time, as cutting "tickets" is a hard work. 

4- Shape Sorter

 This was another great activity that both of my sons like to play. Another easy one if you have a small shape paper punch; just punch away! You can use as many colors and shape you want. It happens that I had only star, heart and circles, but you can do all kinds of shapes. At first, I made this for my little one, and he played a little, separating the shapes. However, the older one jumped right in and started to line them up and count how many shapes he had. A great tool to teach math as well!

5 - Learning Letters/Colors

Can't get any easier than this... Paint Chips and a marker. I thought this would be a good and fun way to learn his letters and recognize the words. This way he learns his letters and colors at the same time! The best of all, he enjoys it! 

So, next time you stop at the home improvement store, make sure to grab some! Do you have any other ideas using paint chips? Why don't you share with us? Use the comment box below and let us know what can you do with these great paint chips!

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