Monday, February 3, 2014

Our top 5 favorite activities

   With two toddler boys, I am always looking for a fun way to learn and get ready for kindergarten. My boys just don't like sitting down, so I have to make it really fun. After dozens of activities I have done for them, there are a few that they keep going back for. So, here is a list of our favorite activities.

1. Sorting pom poms

No doubt, this is my son's favorite activity. He loves sorting his pom pons using a wooden clothes pin. He comes up with so many situations to sort them out. It's amazing how creative he can get with this easy activity. I love it because he can work on his fine motor skills while having fun!
Easy to put this together, all you need is pom poms, clothes pin and small containers. Got these small colored containers at the dollar store, but you can use any little container you might have at home already. 

2. Craft Sticks with Velcro

Super easy to make, I just glued velcro dots at the end of each craft stick. I used the regular craft stick, as this is what I had at home already and got the small velcro dots. Easy peasy. In no time my little one was making shapes, letters and some crazy things with them. At some point he did complain that he needed more sticks. 
I use one of those crystal light containers to keep all the sticks together and has been working great!

3. Sorting Easter Eggs

After Easter is done, what do you do with all those plastic colored eggs? Make a great fine motor skills activity with them!!! Another easy set up, all you need is the colored plastic eggs, egg carton and tongs! My little one, loves to play with them too, however without the tongs... Still, color sorting, counting and putting them in order is a fun way to learn for the little ones too! My big boy loves to play as well, so we got two sets! 

4. Bean sorting

Yep, another sorting activity! I guess they love sorting things out! I thought this might be a little boring and didn't think they would play as much, but I was completely wrong! I always see him taking this out as he tells me very serious that he needs to go work. He sorts pretty quickly and then he calls me to explain the different types of beans! 
All you need to put this together is different types of beans and a container. Here I used another plastic egg carton and it has been working really nice for this purpose.

5. Pattern

Both my boys love Team Umizoomi. If you have little ones, I am sure you heard of them. I noticed that my boy was having a little trouble with patterns while watching it, so I decided to make a pattern game for him.
Since he loves cars, trucks, trains and anything that moves, I used them to make the pattern. Printed, cut and glued magnet in the back, so he uses on his cookie sheet along with others activities I made. Well, now he is a pro on patterns, but still likes to play with this, usually trying to teach the little one!

While two kids are not alike, what my boys love might not be your child's favorite. If your child have any favorite activity, please share with us using the comment box below!

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