Monday, February 10, 2014

My top 3 laundry tips

   I simply love my HE Front Loader Washer. It uses so much less water and does such a great job. My clothes are clean and fresh. However, there are lots of people out there that are not happy with their front loader washer. The top complain I hear is the moldy smell it gets in between washes. I have own one, exactly like the picture above, for 3 1/2 years and I have never, ever dealt with such smell. My trick? Always leave the door open when not in use. However, since my boys got bigger, we got to use the basement more often to play, and that's where my laundry room is. Afraid that they will do some crazy stuff there, besides leaving the room's door shut, I close the washer as well. Still, no moldy or funky smell there. I believe the secret to it is on Tip 1.

   Laundry is no easy task when you have kids. My boys make so much mess while eating that not even a whole body bib would help to keep their clothes without a stain! And going green is my theme! So, here I want to share with you all my 3 laundry tips.

   Although I use HE Front Loader Washer, these tips are for any type of washer.

Tip 1: Use Vinegar as Fabric Softener

  When I had my first child, he had really sensitive skin. Rashes would show up and the doctor advised us to switch laundry detergent and omit fabric softener. We now use dye and fragrance free detergent. Sometimes I make myself. I really like this one from One Good Thing by Jillee, the only reason I don't use it all the time is the smell of it. I am really not fond of the smell of Dawn dishwashing soap. 

  Anyways, somewhere on this vast world of internet I found an article about the thousands of uses of vinegar, and one of them was a natural softener that not only soften fabric but also removes soap residue in the washing machine (this is why I believe I don't have the moldy smell even if I close the washer when not in use) and reduces static in the dryer. I was sold. Started using vinegar every single load. The only problem is the smell. People say that vinegar, once it dries the smell dissipate, not so much to our opinion. My husband complains that he smells salad when at work and requested no vinegar for his clothes. So, now I add vinegar to the rinse cycle and do an extra rinse to take the strong smell out of the clothes. Maybe I use too much, I just eye ball it. Some people say to use 1 cup, or 1/2 cup or even 1/4 cup. As I said, I don't know exactly how much I add, I just pour it.

  If you are like my husband and don't like the smell, you can also add a couple of drops of  your favorite essential oil. 

Tip 2: Baking Soda

  Baking soda is known as a natural deodorizer and using it in laundry will boost your detergent, keep whites whiter, brighter colors, and get rid of odors. Some also say that it will act as a fabric softener. I use 1/4 cup (use 1/2 cup if you have top load) of baking soda along with my regular laundry detergent. You see, I use fragrance free detergent. I don't use fabric softener, instead I use vinegar. And still, my laundry comes out of the washer fresh and clean. Try it and you'll say bye bye to those smelly towels. 

Tip 3: Grease Stain Remover

  No matter what stain remover I used, there was no way of removing those stubborn grease stain. And trust me, I tried every single stain remover you could find at any store. One day, I don't know why I didn't think about it before, and I am sure it's nothing new, but I used Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid soap, yep that blue gold liquid you use to wash your dishes. Tough on grease, indeed it is. That's the only thing that got rid of grease stain. Now, in my laundry room I have a spray bottle that I have a 50% mix of Dawn and water. I know I don't like the smell, but using as a grease stain remover does not leave my clothes overly smelly like Dawn. I tried others dish soap, but Dawn Ultra Original (that blue one) is the best! Note that I have not being paid by P&G to advertise their product. This is my personal experience and the product I use myself.

   So, this is how I do my laundry, without spending an arm and a leg with expensive products that don't do much to your clothes. Instead I use these cheap items that really work without being harsh to your skin. No more rashes. No moldy or funky smell. No more grease stain. 

   Would you like to share your laundry or cleaning tricks? Please use the comment box below to leave your tip!!

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