Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lovebug Valentine's Day Card

   My son's school is celebrating Valentine's Day today and we had to work on a card to hand out to his friends. He loved helping me out to make these adorable "Lovebug Cards". I thought this was so easy to make and you could even use it for a Ladybug theme birthday invitations, or thank you notes. Instead of using the dots, I replaced them with little hearts to make them Valentine's theme. I am sure his little friends will love them!

   This was super easy to make!

   Supplies used: 

  • Black card stock
  • Red card stock
  • One sheet with "Happy Valentine's Day" printed
  • Black Mini Brads

Materials used:
  • Circle cutter
  • Small heart paper punch
  • 1 1/2" Circle paper punch
  • 1/16" hand punch
  • tape glue
Note: These materials used made this project super easy and fast to make, however if you don't have them, you can always improvise. Use a cup or a bowl to make circles and use a scissor to cut them. It will take more time, but they will still come out pretty!


   To make one "Lovebug Valentine's Card":

  • 4" black circle
  • 1 1/2" black circle
  • 4" red circle - cut in half
  • small hearts
  • 3 1/2" "Happy Valentine's Day!" white circle

   1. Glue the white circle on top of the black circle.

   2. Overlap just the top part of the two red half-circles and using a 1/16" hand punch, make a tiny hole. If you don't have the hand punch, you could use a needle. On the bottom picture, I separated them all so you can see where the tiny holes are, but it is easier if you just keep holding and add the brads as soon as you punch.

   3. Add the brad.

   4. Glue the 1 1/2" black circle to the back of the "Lovebug". This way, it will also cover the back of the brad.

   5. Glue the little hearts and voila! You are done!

   Super easy and just adorable! 

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